Saturday, May 28, 2016

Quick Update

We officially took possession of the house yesterday, although we won't be closing for about a week. Both should have happened on the same day, but closing was delayed, and the sellers were kind enough to allow us to start moving in on our originally planned date.

We're moving all our stuff on Monday, and spending yesterday, today, and tomorrow cleaning and going through stuff. There's a lot of stuff still in the house, because we came to an understanding with the sellers that they would rather not take most of their furniture and other things, and we'd be happy to take what they don't want and yard sale the rest to raise more money for improvement projects.

So when they moved out, they basically took their clothes, pictures and some personal items, and basically left everything else, so it's a ton of work. Yesterday we amassed a huge yard sale pile, found a few treasures for ourselves, and threw away fourteen bags of trash. And that was only from one bedroom, one bathroom, half the kitchen and half the garage. We still have more than half the house to go through, and the attic. An attic which is full of stuff and broiling lava hot right now. That'll be fun. But we're glad we have it, because we plan on finishing it eventually.

So, we're back to work today, to acquire more treasures and sore muscles. Woot!

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